RecaptchaV2Task: solve Google Recaptcha puzzle with your proxy

Use this type of task to solve Recaptchas in Google services. In all other cases use RecaptchaV2TaskProxyless to solve Recaptcha in proxy-off mode. Google’s API does not disclose the solver’s IP address to website owners.

Our system is build so that a worker’s browsers don’t have access to your proxy servers. This data is stored on our server and is removed as soon as the task is completed. Workers’ computers interact only with our servers. Your proxy is accessed only from one IP address.

Before executing this type of task, our proxy checker might test your proxy for compatibility by making a series of test requests. If these test requests fail, your task will be marked with ERROR_PROXY_CONNECT_TIMEOUT or a similar error and will be canceled. During the solution process, your proxy also might fail and our API will produce other proxy errors.

Recaptcha V2 Example

Task object

Previous task name: ‘NoCaptchaTask’. We will continue supporting old task name forever, no need to update your code.
websiteURLStringYesAddress of a target web page. Can be located anywhere on the web site, even in a member area. Our workers don’t navigate there but simulate the visit instead.
websiteKeyStringYesRecaptcha website key.
recaptchaDataSValueStringNoValue of ‘data-s’ parameter. Applies only to Recaptchas on Google web sites.
proxyTypeStringYesType of proxy
http – usual http/https proxy
socks4 – socks4 proxy
socks5 – socks5 proxy
proxyAddressStringYesProxy IP address ipv4/ipv6. No host names or IP addresses from local networks.
proxyPortIntegerYesProxy port
proxyLoginStringNoLogin for proxy which requires authorization (basic)
proxyPasswordStringNoProxy password
userAgentStringYesBrowser’s User-Agent used in emulation. You must use a modern-browser signature; otherwise, Google will ask you to “update your browser”.
cookiesStringNoAdditional cookies that we should use in Google domains.
isInvisibleBooleanNoSpecify whether or not Recaptcha is invisible. This will render an appropriate widget for our workers.

Request example

curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -X POST -d '{
            "cookie":"cookiename1=cookievalue1; cookiename2=cookievalue2"

Response example

JSON with no errors

    "errorId": 0,
    "taskId": 7654321

JSON with an error

    "errorId": 1,
    "errorCode": "ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST",
    "errorDescription": "Account authorization key not found in the system"

Retrieve the solution

Use method getTaskResult to request the solution. Give the worker about 5 seconds before making your first request. If the worker is still busy, retry in 3 seconds.

Task solution object

gRecaptchaResponseStringToken string required for interacting with the submit form on the target website.
cookiesArrayOptional array of cookies used for solving Recaptchas. Applies only for domains and subdomains.

Response example